Mural artworks to transform school grounds at Columba Catholic Primary School Bunyip and strengthen  reconcilation

5 June 2023

Columba Catholic Primary School at Bunyip is abuzz with excitement as staff and students prepare to work on a large art mural project with First Nation's artist,  Mr Scott Ratham to transform the school grounds.

From left:  Mr Andrew Greco - Principal Columba Primary School with Mr Scott Ratham - Rusted Tin Contemporary Aboriginal Arts company.

Mr Scott Ratham from the Rusted Tin  Contemporary Aboriginal Arts company.

The project supported by a Parents and Friends funding initiative is part of the School’s ongoing commitment to fostering a culturally safe environment for all children and adults.

Principal, Mr Andrew Greco, said two large mural artworks will be created that will change the landscape of the school grounds for many years to come.

“As part of Reconciliation Week, student classes, have taken a focus on First Nation’s history and culture which will culminate with the mural workshops with Scott Ratham.”

“Scott Ratham heads the Rusted Tin Contemporary Aboriginal Arts company and our school is very excited that he will be working with our students to complete the murals within the school grounds.“

 Mr Greco said it is hoped the artwork will serve as a reminder, as a school community, to always devote ourselves to learning the truth about our past, and collaborate together towards reconciliation, by reminding us of our place in the long-standing history of this land.”

“We are thankful to our school community for supporting this project and we are hopeful that families will visit the school and see the work that will be a landmark not only for Columba, but the entire Bunyip community.”

Director of Catholic Education in the Diocese of Sale, Mr Paul Velten, commended the Columba Catholic Primary School community for taking such a proactive approach towards reconciliation and creating safe environments for all people in our Catholic schools.

“This art mural project is a wonderful initiative that will not only beautify the school grounds but act as an active reminder of the importance of acknowledging our country's history and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.”