A fresh start for staff and students

New principal, Mrs Rebecca Kollaris

There were plenty of new faces at St James Primary School in Nar Nar Goon on the first day of school, with 17 Foundation students and a new principal all ready to begin the new school year.

Mrs Rebecca Kollaris was appointed principal of the school in December, after the resignation of former principal Mr Andrew McDermott late last year.

Mrs Kollaris has worked in Catholic education for 25 years, including five years as deputy principal at St Clare’s Primary School in Officer, and a year at St Thomas the Apostle Primary School in Cranbourne East.

Ms Maria Kirkwood, Director of Catholic Education for the Diocese of Sale, congratulated Mrs Kollaris on her appointment.

“Rebecca’s approach to education reflects the aspirations of our Catholic communities, to live our faith in service to others and to spread the message of hope in the world. I look forward to supporting her on her leadership journey in the coming years.

‘I would also like to thank Mr McDermott for the contribution he has made to St James Primary School over the past seven years. His contribution to the school and its community is acknowledged and appreciated, and we wish him well in his new role,” Ms Kirkwood said.

Mrs Kollaris said that she is looking forward to getting to know the school community.

“The start of the school year is an exciting time for us all. I look forward to collaborating with the staff, students and families at St James to ensure our school remains a positive, faith-filled learning environment where our students can thrive,” she said.