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2 VIDEOS - Message from Director  2024 - links and embed code and a compilation video of schools - 'We love our Catholic School because...'

Video 1 Above: Welcome to Catholic Education Week 2024 - Message from Director Paul Velten and messages  from schools expressing how they are,  'Making All Things New'  Link is:   https://bit.ly/3QKGxn2

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Video 2 - Compilation video from schools 2024 - ' WE LOVE OUR CATHOLIC SCHOOL BECAUSE...'

Link to video:     https://bit.ly/3WPQGTg

Google drive link to download video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18H09yZqW-15UN5oZthTTlic0oThMeonl/view?usp=sharing

Here's how we celebrated Catholic Education Week last year in 2023.

Here's how we celebrated last year in 2022.....

Catholic Education Week 2022

May 27 - June 3 

‘Spread the Good News’

Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Sale will celebrate Catholic Education Week from May 27 to June 3, 2022

Catholic Education Week is an opportunity to celebrate the ethos of Catholic schools and highlight the inspiring life of Catholic schools today.

The Diocese of Sale covers 38 Catholic primary schools and seven Catholic secondary schools in south east Victoria from Narre Warren and Cranbourne in the west, Wonthaggi and Philip Island in the south, to Orbost in the east.

Ms Maria Kirkwood, Director of Catholic Education for the Diocese of Sale said Catholic Schools were flourishing as more families looked for an affordable, quality, faith-based education for their children:

“After two years of COVID disruptions punctuated by lockdowns, remote learning and social distancing, our schools are looking forward to celebrating their achievements through activities, events, and open days following COVID-safe guidelines.”

“This year’s theme for Catholic Education Week, is ‘Go out into the world and spread the Good News to all creation’, from the Gospel of Mark 16:15, and our schools are currently living this call in many ways.” 

“The Good News theme is a call for all members of a school community to enact a vision for a better world, one where people can live in harmony with each other and with, in response to the call of Pope Francis, the environment.”


“The theme also reflects the core purpose of Catholic education which is to nurture the potential of each child, and develop their knowledge and skills to become compassionate and contributing members of society.”


“I hope that staff, students, families and parishes enjoy this special time and that our schools continue to be places where children are able to reach their full potential.


“Catholic Education Week is a highlight of the year for the Diocese of Sale, as the broader Catholic education community comes together to celebrate our Catholic identity and unique mission,” Ms Kirkwood said.