Eco Warriors at Nagle College

4 June 2021

In the lead-up to World Environment Day on June 5, we're putting the spotlight on Nagle College's Year 9 Eco Warriors program.

The Year 9 Eco Warrior unit at Nagle College is designed to help students understand and mitigate the issues that face river and lakes health, specifically along the Mitchell River. Students participate in many workshops throughout the course, including sustainable fishing and water health.

East Gippsland Fishcare’s Mrs Jenny Allitt recently visited the Eco Warriors to talk about the importance of sustainable fishing practices and protecting our local waterways.

Fishing rules and regulations, including how and when to return fish to water, and managing invasive species, were a few of the topics Mrs Allitt spoke to Eco Warrior students about.

“I learnt that it is illegal to return Carp to waterways,” said Charlotte.

Ella added, “I learnt that if Carp are returned to waterways, they may still have thousands of eggs that would then hatch and cause further river damage”.

Students also discussed the ways different species of fish are measured for length. Interactive demonstrations used life-size fish cut-outs and on occasion, taxidermied fish.

“I learnt about the slot size, meaning that there is a minimum and maximum keeping size for Dusky Flathead and Black Bream”, said Jase.

“I love how engaged our students were with this activity,” said teacher, Mrs Andrea Savage.

Students filled out an incursion resource booklet after learning all about the rules and regulations, and will apply their learning when they participate in a facilitated fishing excursion along the Mitchell River.