Duty of Care Policy

This Duty of Care Policy applies to Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Limited (DOSCEL) workplaces.

The duty of care requires DOSCEL employees to take all reasonable steps to reduce risk, including:

  • provision of suitable and safe premises to ensure that persons on the premises will not be injured or damaged because of the state of the premises, including things done or omitted to be done on the premises

  • taking reasonable steps to reduce the risk of reasonably foreseeable harm

  • provision of an adequate system of supervision

  • implementation of strategies to prevent bullying

  • ensuring that medical assistance is provided to a sick or injured student

  • prevention of child abuse by an individual associated with DOSCEL.

Greater measures may be needed for younger students or students with a disability to discharge this duty of care.

The duty of care is non-delegable, meaning that it cannot be assigned to another party.