Catholic Schools Today

Today’s Catholic schools are vibrant communities which provide high-quality educational opportunities. Inspired by the teachings of Jesus, Catholic schools enable learning, faith, life and culture to converge within a safe and supportive environment. Catholic schools are inclusive, welcoming and focus on nurturing each student’s unique potential.

Working in partnership with parents, Catholic schools provide students with rich learning experiences.  Students’ knowledge and capabilities are developed across all learning areas of the Victorian Curriculum, with teachers aiming to support each child at his/her point of need in order to progress their learning.  The Religious Education Curriculum of the Diocese of Sale To Live in Christ Jesus, invites students to develop a capacity for reflection, for deepening their appreciation of their life, the lives of others and the environment and to look to the future with optimism and hope; being open to seeing God in all things.

Catholic schools aim to equip students with the skills necessary to be critical thinkers, lifelong learners and active contributors and participants in society. A commitment to exploring contemporary issues such as social justice, equality and stewardship of creation aims to energise students, encouraging them to embrace their ability to effect positive change in their world; local and global.

What do Catholic schools strive to do:

While attending a Catholic school, students can expect that their school will strive to:

Parents can expect that Catholic schools will strive to: