· Child Protection and Safety Policy

· Guide to Reporting Conduct under the Reportable Conduct Scheme

· Enrolment Policy

· Whistleblower Policy*

· Whistleblower Protections Scheme FAQs*

· Pastoral Care Policy

· Privacy Policy

· Protection of Children – Failure to Disclose Policy

· Protection of Children – Failure to Protect Policy

· Protection of Children – Grooming Policy

· Protocols & Procedures for Visits to Schools by Most Rev Patrick O’Regan DD

· School Fees Policy

· Social Media Policy

* If you wish to make a disclosure under the Whistleblower Protection Scheme, you can contact any of the 'eligible recipients' listed in the Whistleblower Policy. You are encouraged to initially contact the Whistleblower Protection Officers. Their names and contact details are as follows:

Whistleblower Protection Officers

· Shard Goodwin 03 5614 5104

· Briony Schembri 03 5614 5118

· Email: whistleblower@ceosale.catholic.edu.au

The Whistleblower Protection Officers can also receive disclosures outside of business hours via email whistleblower@ceosale.catholic.edu.au